Paul Safford, PA

Physician Assistant located in Colorado Springs, CO

About Safford

Paul Safford is a Physician Assistant who has been practicing in Colorado Springs since 1999. Prior to becoming a PA, he worked as a paramedic in the Springs from 1980 to 1996. He considers himself a semi-native of Colorado. He obtained his Bachelors degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, in Biology and Philosophy. After that, he earned his Masters degree through the University of Nebraska department of Allied Health. He has worked in Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Internal Medicine. He is comfortable caring for patients from ages 0 to 100. Paul has always realized that while he can care for patients, God is the who provides the healing. He firmly believes that patient care is a team effort and the patient must be actively involved in the the decision making process.
He has an interest in travel. He has visited all 50 states and in 1994 he rode his bicycle across the United States. He has been to Western Europe and hopes the next destination will be in South America or Australia.

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