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  -Direct Primary Care-

Our office offers Direct Primary Care to patients who don’t want to worry about deductibles or copays for a low monthly cost

New Payment Option

Our office now has a new Patient Financing option for out of pocket expenses

Hablamos Espanol!


Si necesitas una sita, llama a la oficina y preguntar por Gracie o Brenda.


Welcome to The Family Practice

where we Care for Life


Diabetes Class

Our office has monthly classes for patients with diabetes. This allows patients to join a community and gain a new support group. Contact the front desk to be scheduled for the next class with openings.

Quest Diagnostic

Quest Diagnostics has a lab draw location at the front of our office. It is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 3 pm, and open Friday from 8 am to noon.

Your Plan, Your Benefits

It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know their coverage and benefits. Any uncovered or out of network charges will be patient responsibility.

Dr. Christopher Phillips

Our office has a psychologist on site. Please click this link to learn more about him.

Our Mission

Our Mission: We partner with patients to optimize their health by offering full spectrum care that considers the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions affecting their well being.

Starting October 1st 2013, our office is adopting a new Patient Privacy Policy. To view it, click this link: Notice of Privacy